[Tig] 16fps Film Transferred on Rank Cintel & Pulldown

Joe Owens jpo at prestodigital.ca
Fri Oct 22 17:55:29 BST 2010

I can recall calculating all kinds of cockamamie frame offsets to hit  
a preroll point;  that the frame rate was not infinitely variable,  
but confined to a number of discrete speeds, and entering some kind  
of fake value into the metaspeed that although apparently unrelated  
would result in something close to the framerate actually desired...   
It could be some kind of prime number root scaled to a LaPlace  
transform approximation mapped to the complex-s plane, as I  
understood it...   ;-P  "Hail mary toss" would be another accessible  

Interestingly enough, about 99% of the time, sound sync wasn't  
terribly hard to achieve... but if something was shot at 6 or 8 fps  
for effect, you only have to hit sync every 4 or 5 frames or so...

On 22-Oct-10, at 10:43 AM, Gary Adams wrote:

>   In the Meta Speed, the "*" asterisk was present on the locked  
> speeds, if not, anything could happen.

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