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"Why do you think CRT's are no longer available? It is not economically viable to maintain a factory capable of producing 50,000 plasma panels (or crt s previously) per week just to satisfy the needs of a minority market (i.e. us). 
It is purely a commercial desision - based on the increasing market share and performance of lcd panels."

So are you saying the days of Plasmas are numbered too? I tend to agree. The consumer base seems quite happy with milky LCDs. And don't forget the California proposed ban on Plasma TVs. Well there aren't exactly banning Plasmas, they are just pushing for a TV energy consumption standard no Plasma can possibly meet.

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"Once again Panasonic stumbled on something useful to our industry but will ultimately blow it just like everything else..."

Added to which;
A) plasmas, being phosphor based, will only just about reach a REC 709 gamut. Most "customers" (ie, tv viewers) are watching something rather more vivid and saturated. 
B) plasmas, in my own experience, still suffer from "burn in"
C) ... and noise in the blue channel
D) ... and auto beam current limiting for high intensity images (I never did find out how to turn that off completely)

Never the less, a plasma does make a pleasing image with good blacks and, in combination with a Davio, will be REC 709 compliant.

In the absence of any other colour standard for HD broadcast TV, this is how we are judged (and QC checked) by our peers, so maybe its a good idea to buy a few and stick them in a closet for a rainy day!

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