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Carl, sadly there is no decent replacement for our grade 1 monitors, unless
Dolby or another brings us something soon we will have another situation
where it is accepted that it's good enough (digital vs film). It is a small
market compared to digital projection for example, I believe this is why
there has not been research on the same scale. Post houses spend millions on
the best possible kit to keep images to their highest quality to be
displayed on poor monitors. Personally I've been clinging on our Sony CRTs I
can't imagine working with anything else right now. Digital projection is a
possible alternative but very different viewing conditions if you can cope
with this.
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Is the Panasonic 20 Series and
> Davio 'the standard' when it comes to
beyond 24" grade monitors?
Isn't anyone
> using something other then that combination?
Anyone maybe using a CMS app to
> profile a monitor and then create a
LUT with a Rec709 (or EBU or whatever)
> target and just loading that
into a Aja/BMD sdi>hdmi converter. Or even
> loading it on the output as
a monitor lut? Or is that level of LUT generation
> only used for

So to sum it up: anyone using something OTHER then
> Panasonic for large
LCD/Plasma display?
Or maybe even a backprojector
> monitor?

I'm finding a little bit hard to believe that these Plasmas
> have
become a standard, cus then how come it's not marketed as a
> Grade1
monitor. Their website says it's perfect for
> shoppingmals/hospitals
etc. No bragin about being 'Hollywoods preferred
> monitor'  or
'industry standard'...


(Note. I don't work or for of
> the above vendors. Nor can recommend any
of them due to lack of usage. But I
> do seek objective info about it
from people who has :)

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