[Tig] XSAN and other SAN-systems

R. Adam Berk blumediaprojekt at nerdshack.com
Tue Oct 26 17:34:05 BST 2010

I'll be interested to here everyone's input on this as well, as we're looking into the best solution for our small shop right now.  We've been thinking about building our own 10 gigabit ethernet NAS using myricom NIC's and point to point connections between the server and the workstations.  The advantage here being that there are drivers for both our autodesk linux workstations, as well as our Mac's for the myricom cards.  This could also mean, in theory, that there would be no need for any SAN software if we were to just use file level sharing (NFS, etc).  This would be used as more of a general share point for all our workstations to retrieve and deliver files from and to shared project folders.  Each of our workstations would still have its own dedicated "online" storage".  I hate the idea of having a single point of failure for the entire facility.

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> What storage are you using for your DI-department (Grade-suites)?
> Locally attached Raid, GigE-SAN/NAS, Brigh-tSAN, DVS-SAN, Rorke, XSAN, home
> built Linux-PC running StoreNext and charing that over FC...

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