[Tig] Tig Digest, Vol 196, Issue 1

Carl Skaff carl at stopp.se
Wed Oct 27 09:05:58 BST 2010

So, does FXSYS have a webite? I did a google search and it just led back to
TiG Wiki.

Was SLS the only manufacturer of PTR's? And therefor FXSYS if now the only
Seems like a pretty solid buissines since we are quite a few colpanies aout
here that need a constant flow of new PTR's?

So, Any info on where I can purchuse PTR's in Europe or should I just order
from the US?
I guess I can always order from the TK-builder, but that would be like
buying A4 papers from HP just because they sell printers :)


Ps. No affiliation with any vendor, just looking to buy PTR's

-- You can't buy them from SanLab, as it is out of business.
-- But the product line has and manufacturing rights—including the laser
-- microgrooved "MicroMat Helix™" PTR's—have been purchased by FXSYS,
-- Inc, run by former SanLab employees John Vanderlans and Ganesh Sankar.
-- As of Oct. 6, 2010, flashscan8.us was named the US distributor during
-- the Association of Cinema and Video Labratories Conference in Virginia.
-- Please contact me off-list for further information, or to point you to
-- the right contact depending on your region.
-- Ted
--  <ted at flashscan8.us>

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