[Tig] room lighting in a DI projector grading suite

Rory Hinds rory at minefilms.com
Thu Sep 9 06:40:28 BST 2010

Hi there Tig members

I have another question I'm hoping someone can help me with.

My room is a basement and has no windows.

With my grading suite build I'm trying to work out the lighting again, I was going to purchase a Panasonic Plasma but have swung towards the JVC projector now and that makes me think twice about my room lighting.

Before with the plasma I was going to have 5100k R20 Compact Florescent bulbs in my recessed lighting which is on a dimmer but now with a projector I'm leaning towards standard incandescent Tungsten bulbs at 3000k which tend to dimmer correctly, as the Compact Florescent while they are dimmable they do so in large steps up and down and can't be dimmer to almost off like the standard incandescent.

How have you guys set up your Projector grading room?
I now you can't grade with a 6500k light like you would using a LCD or Plasma to gain a white balance so are you just using warm 2700k to 3000k lighting and then turning them off or almost off when grading with the projector?

I intend to use my suite for other things like visual effects and editing as I producer my own projects as well as work on other clients work so I have to bare in mind that I will also be working with the projector off and just using a LCD for playback.

I'm leaning towards using 2700k - 3000k lighting for the room which is on a dimmer for a better mood in the room and these will be off or close to it when I'm grading with the projector. And then i'll have a florescent tube near my desk so when need a lot of "day light" I can just turn that on and do effects work or graphics.

Please any advice you can give would be really helpful.
Many thanks

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