[Tig] Questions about Resolve

Rogério Moraes rogerito at terra.com.br
Tue Apr 5 05:21:39 BST 2011

Hi all!


  A couple of questions keep arriving now that I'm getting in contact with
this amazing tool. (yes, I'm in love , and I do not represent Blackmagic or
other companies. It's just a great solution for color grading

First: Is it possible, when exporting a project between two Resolves, to
export also the stills? (AKA Gallery, as I knew from the 2k. CDL, Conform,
EDLs within the Master session are ok, except the stills for reference. 

2: When rendering, disabled nodes will be rendered? Will it be wiser to do a
pass and delete nodes that I've disabled to improve render time?

3: On the 2k, I had two tools that were great, for me. Chroma Gain and
Chroma Black (or something called like that., were I used to slowly
desaturate and then resaturate only the blacks or whites in a image, to
better see the pure white and black points, with no hue on them or to
understand towards wich color the white and black points were going). Where
are they? Did they killed that feature?

4: Playheads: do they work with different clips in the same EDL (timeline)? 


Hope I were clear and not asking dumb questions ( I think there are no such
thing as dumb questions, if they're asked in the correct way)


Best for all


Rogério Moraes


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