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I would need to know what version of Resolve you are using. Older R-Series, on MAC, Linux with how many GPUs, and software version, and what kind of controls are you using, Impresario panels, 2K panels, other manufaturer panels, or just a mouse and keyboard on MAC? But here is my attempt to help you: 

1. All gallery stills can be exported as DPX (in full res) or as TIF, JPEG etc... If you right click on the gallery still(s) selected you will get options for that still. Export and export with a 3D Lut are available, You will then have the option as to which type of file you want to export them as, naming and where to export them on your Resolve. I created a folder on my Resolve called "Gallery Stills". Example /home/Resolve/gallery_stills After I export them there, I copy them to my SAN for other uses. 

2. If you want to render with any nodes disabled you simply disable the node(s) and render. The clip should be rendered with those nodes disabled. You can also ensure this by rendering with the "Use Clip Setting" enabled. As far as render time, disabling a node or nodes does not seem to affect render time on my system (Linux with 4 GPUs). I personally would not delete any nodes from my default correction, but simply "Add Version" and delete the node in the alt. version. This will give you an automatic 2nd pass with the node in question deleted. And if you are like me and forget about the 2nd, 3rd, 4th alts I sometimes have, render with the "Use Commercial Workflow" enabled so Resolve will automatically render the alts. You also will have the option to offset the time codes automatically if going to tape. 

3. These are in the Vectors, Presets. In there you will find a High Chroma, Low Chroma, and High & Low Chroma as well as the Six Vectors mode. These work like your Whites and Blacks Chroma on the 2K but are much more powerful and fine tuned, Try the High & Low, you can do some great effects with that. 

4. Playheads are for clip comparing from tape sources and can be ganged together, or used independently. So yes you can compare with different clips in the same edl or multiple edls. 

I hope this helps. And although I used to train colorists on Resolve etc... for a while, I too had to learn all these features (despite 25 years of using DaVinci products), so there are not any dumb questions. 
Glad you are enjoying your system. It certainly has made my life more fun (I do not work for or profit from Blackmagic Design). 

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Hi all! 

A couple of questions keep arriving now that I'm getting in contact with 
this amazing tool. (yes, I'm in love , and I do not represent Blackmagic or 
other companies. It's just a great solution for color grading…) 

First: Is it possible, when exporting a project between two Resolves, to 
export also the stills? (AKA Gallery, as I knew from the 2k. CDL, Conform, 
EDLs within the Master session are ok, except the stills for reference. 

2: When rendering, disabled nodes will be rendered? Will it be wiser to do a 
pass and delete nodes that I've disabled to improve render time? 

3: On the 2k, I had two tools that were great, for me. Chroma Gain and 
Chroma Black (or something called like that., were I used to slowly 
desaturate and then resaturate only the blacks or whites in a image, to 
better see the pure white and black points, with no hue on them or to 
understand towards wich color the white and black points were going). Where 
are they? Did they killed that feature? 

4: Playheads: do they work with different clips in the same EDL (timeline)? 

Hope I were clear and not asking dumb questions ( I think there are no such 
thing as dumb questions, if they're asked in the correct way) 

Best for all 

Rogério Moraes 



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