[Tig] Interesting treatise on the absence of the color magenta

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Thanks Steve that was a good read/look.  I have described color perception as the brain neutralizing stimuli as it does with the other senses.  You stop hearing a noise as much after a duration or taste a spice the same way on the third bite.  You certainly don't feel your everyday clothes unless a stray thread is poking you in an odd place.

Likewise with light a color becomes less noticeable as illustrated in the samples.  So we design our grading work spaces with counter measures such as D65 back lights and countless tools to keep your brain less biased.

I noticed over the years that blue was the main culprit.  Go for a blue look and a few scenes in the clients call for more blue. The scope tells the truth but you cant see it on the monitor.  Look away for awhile and revisit the scene and its egregious.  I thought maybe its a result of living in a blue sky world.  However a recent trip to the optometrist revealed that our eyes/brain have evolved to see green most efficiently.  That makes sense considering foods tend to be green in nature as well as the fact that prey or predators are generally not.  

I tend to either have a grey field or simply a mono still that I use to wash the eyes or compare tones against a known white/grey/black.  The difficulty in session is taking the time to convey this dynamic to my clients.  That what you are seeing is fluid and we need to manage the bias.


Dave Pickett
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