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On Dec 6, 2011, at 10:40 AM, trovak at comcast.net wrote:

>  Although I joined the DOP Shop on FB, and it seems to work. But the discussions are not as in depth as they get here, and this does seem more professional than most things on FB. But FB is fast for posting, video, pics, links etc... 

I'd point to the CML—which its founder modeled after the TIG—as a good example of an active e-mail based group.

There are some things that Mailman—the mail list software used for the TIG can allow.

Links are easily done by keeping the http://www. with the URL.

It can be set to allow attachments, and only certain kinds of attachments, and maximum sizes of attachments.

I use the same setup for the Quad Videotape Group "QuadList" at

We allow photo and PDF attachments under 1MB including the text of the message they're part of. 

Larger files get flagged for my attention so I can ensure that subscribers' mail boxes don't get slammed with huge files.

Like any computer related system, it depends on the user's virus protection to keep anything nefarious out of action.

It works pretty well... and we haven't had problems to speak of. 

I'm not suggesting that Rob change the plain-text-only nature of the TIG mailing list.  

If there were sufficient reason to allow posting of photos or files it could be done without much work.

But the TIG messages are clean, fast and small... very necessary when bandwidth was very minimal, dialup was the rule, computers didn't have much speed or storage... and still that way today, when a lot of e-mail has so much graphic glop in it.

That also plays a role in the cost of maintaining the TIG if bandwidth (cost per message) is factored in. 


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