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Kevin Shaw kevs at finalcolor.com
Wed Dec 7 08:00:38 GMT 2011

Whilst I can see your logic, and the very high number of new gen colorists is without doubt, I believe that the high end is only a smaller market size when described as a percentage. The actual number of high end projects is the same or slightly higher than it has always been and I do not see a fall in quality in that market. Quite the opposite in fact. 

Confusion and lower standards are the province of the lower end of the market which frankly could not have existed 20 years ago. If even a small percentage of this new swiss army knife market pursue high end quality then it is good news for the (relatively few) professional specialists.

I believe that our industry is in fact a team sport, and that passing on knowledge to the new mass market is the way to protect our future and our professions. That is why Warren and I set up the International Colorist Academy. I agree that the price premium will never be the same, but actually I think that protects the artists from the businessmen

> So the high end will always exist, just at much smaller market size.  And the general level of "acceptable" is lower.  At some point even further down the curve, though, once the new lower price points become commodity, quality again becomes a differentiator... just not at the price premium of yore.

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