[Tig] Regular 8mm Film That No Longer Measures 8mm Wide

John A. Mozzer jamworks at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 13 02:36:56 GMT 2011

I should explain, when I originally attempted to post "Regular 8mm Film 
That No Longer Measures 8mm Wide" on Monday, December 5, I had already 
taken advantage of a holiday special at a service using the Millennium 
II.  I had them scan a reel in HD, which had already been scanned in SD 
about two years ago.

In the new HD scan, overscan (as intended) revealed some of the film 
being under the width of the gate cut out, compared to other film on the 
same reel.

Meanwhile, I perceived faces being thin in the HD transfer, when 
comparing it to the earlier SD transfer.  (The SD transfer appears 
correct to me, though I don't really know for sure.)

I no longer believe the image is actually distorted on the film itself.  
Also, I realize now the film may have been slit poorly (when processed 
by the lab), as opposed to having shrunk.

The service is fixing the problem for me.  But I remain interested in 
speculation about what may have gone wrong, specific to the Millennium 
II (hopefully, in lay person's terms.)

As for trying other scanners, I am definitely interested, but I've used 
up my budget for now.

John A. Mozzer
Los Angeles, CA

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