[Tig] Regular 8mm Film That No Longer Measures 8mm Wide

David Bernstein d_bernstein2000 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 15 23:00:13 GMT 2011

I responded to this a few days ago, but from the wrong email address so it did not post to the group. John asked me to repost it for the benefit of some others so I am.  -DB
While I have not done much operating on the Millennium II, I have driven just about every other flavor of Cintel telecine, so I can comment a little on the process. These machines don't really have a fixed preset for frame size, generally a reference framing chart is used to properly align the film frame to the TV screen. While these are widely distributed in 16mm and 35mm (or used to be), I'm not sure I've ever seen one for 8mm. This means that the operator must manually align the sizing for your particular piece of film. There are separate controls for the x and y axis size, as well as pan, tilt, zoom and rotation. When your film was scanned in SD some years ago, the monitor was the same shape as the film frame, and so matching the size was fairly easy. In HD, since the telecine is creating a 16x9 frame, your 8mm film has to be manually squeezed into the 4x3 pillarbox. My guess is that you arbitrarily ended up with a different x axis setting this
 time around, thereby making the image thinner. Without an 8mm framing chart, there may be no real way of knowing which (if either) of your two transfers is precisely correct. 
I hope that was lay person enough for you. Good luck with your second attempt. 

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>I should explain, when I originally attempted to post "Regular 8mm Film That No Longer Measures 8mm Wide" on Monday, December 5, I had already taken advantage of a holiday special at a service using the Millennium II.  I had them scan a reel in HD, which had already been scanned in SD about two years ago.

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