[Tig] Prores decode and encode finally in FFMPEG

Cem Ozkilicci cemoz101 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 18 19:25:58 GMT 2011

"Having large portions of the industry standardize on a proprietary file format
owned and controlled by a company (Apple) which has repeatedly shown it's
disdain and disregard for the pro production and post community is a really,
really bad idea."

"We need to adopt something in the public domain and/or open source going

forward, not something which can disappear tomorrow. And while it's painfully
apparent that quality isn't the priority it used to be, a format with less
compression would be good."


I totally agree. I think we've got way too many proprietary formats out there and it is not getting any better with time. 

I accept the fact that we will always have different cameras and different ways of recording an image but I feel that we have to establish a common ground that will make things easier for everyone. There are too many parameters and too many points that can be misinterpreted (both by software and user) leading to complications down the line. We have new firmwares, new software versions and new users adapting to new formats every 6 months or so.

I'm curious to know how many people here have actually had the chance to fiddle around with the ACES workflow and how far we are from adopting it as a potential common workflow solution?



Storyline Studios / Oslo

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