[Tig] Regular 8mm Film That No Longer Measures 8mm Wide

Andreas Widerøe andreas at filmtek.no
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There is normally a big difference between camera gates and projector gates.

A scanner would normally crop the image very very slighty, but not in your
case were you overscanned.

Super8 for instance has these properties:

SMTPE 157 camera gate: 5.79mm x 4.14mm
SMTPE 154 projector gate: 5.31mm x 4.01mm

I don't have any data for reg8.

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Okay, forget about the actual width of 8mm film.

What is the aspect ratio supposed to be when measuring from the right edge
of sprocket holes to the right edge of the image in a frame?

I did a flatbed scan of 8mm film, and the aspect ratio measures about 1.417,
not 1.333.

So I am wondering whether, though a projected image possibly ends up cropped
to 1.333, perhaps the image on the film it is wider?


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