[Tig] IIF Status

Jim Houston jdhouston at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 19 02:55:40 GMT 2011

> Cem Ozkilicci wrote: "By the way, I haven't heard of that many facilities
> (if not any) that actually work with ACES through the entire pipeline
> (editorial/grading/online/vfx). If there are, someone please enlighten
> me... :)"


I'm chair of the Academy IIF committee, and thought I would post a
 longer answer.

The IIF (Image Interchange Framework) is not a complete end to end 
workflow solution.  The one portion that was not included was the
 use of highly compressed material in Editorial.  The idea is that
you can convert from a RAW file to full-range, no-limitations-floating-
 point in the ACES color space, and do all of the final frame
manipulation that you might want in VFX, 2D-3D conversion, Titles, 
Conform, D.I. and Mastering.  You might also convert RAW to  
ProRes, DNxHD, or any other working format, but it is likely 
that you would have to convert from (CameraRAW) to ACES
to Rec709 for those formats for regular desktop use within IIF.

The missing output piece we are working on is the RRT --
 reference rendering transform.  This imparts a virtual film 
 print look to the original camera linear files, and is an essential
 part even of the conversion to rec709.  We are working on
 this non-stop at the moment with the hope that we can
 have a beta release candidate out to the world in late

Some manufacturers have implemented trial versions
 of IIF components, and several facilities are doing
 small trial projects.   The two F65 demo pieces were
 done with a partial IIF workflow.  Everytime we use
 the system in Real Life, we learn some new things.
Oddly enough, there are a few TV episodes that have
 already been completed in ACES, so things are starting to 

Jim Houston
Pasadena, CA

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