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Jarek Migala jmigala at wp.pl
Thu Dec 22 00:12:02 GMT 2011

hi all,
first, just a question to Kevin, the lab you describe in your article 
was not using kodak_lad? Immage care? (for me there is too much advert, 
why you are writing about yourself as him?)
there are lot of vendors of tools (spectroradiometers) to check what we 
see,  except we are different age, and our eyes can differ.

And my main question is how RRT can handle diferent filtering included 
into final post, as every vendor uses its own algorithms (will Image 
systems show all algorytms to use it for RRT), and as for example, sick 
sharpening look diferent on print from laser than crt or dpl projection 
vs. lcd.
How can you anticipate all work done by processors build into every display.
Even it is not simple to mach color spaces. you can get reasonablle 
result with a simple tool. But this is not the end of a road.
On the other hand it is not so scarry  science:)

Jarek Migala
p.s. still apreciate all your work. and learn from you a lot.

W dniu 11-12-19 13:55, Kevin Shaw pisze:
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>> Anyway, I was wondering how target colorspaces are handled in IIF? Assuming you would want your footage to have more or less the same look on all delivery>formats (DCI P3 XYZ, HD Rec709, sRGB, Film Log...)
> The IIF ACES workflow calls for an "ODT" that is added to the "RRT" for real world applications
> ODT = Output device transform ie your display
> RRT  = Reference rendering transform ie the look that should be achieved on your display
> In essence this part of the workflow is similar to the current DI workflow which I describe at http://www.finalcolor.com/CMS.htm in which a target profile is combined with a display profile to create a LUT for grading. The display profile is then switched to standard profiles to create a transform for alternate color space versions.
> Also read Mike Mosts blog http://mikemost.com/?p=235 for a good overview of what benefits ACES offers
> This is also explained in my Display Calibration and Emulation classes
> Happy Coloring
> Kevin
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