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Hi Jarek

We did use Kodak lad plus some other test frames I have as a check on the film prints, But the main issue was and always is, to calibrate the grading projector to look exactly like the actual release print, which is NOT a standard repeatable color gamut (Digital cinema and rec709 color spaces ARE standard gamuts). A film print varies from lab to lab and I have not ever seen a generic LUT work as accurately as a custom LUT for cinema prints. 

In my original article 
I did write as myself, but the article was later published by Digital Studio and they re-wrote it in the third person for their magazine. Sorry if you felt it was too much advertising. Any posting, or publishing is of course a type of advertising, but I always aim to offset that by contributing something useful. And as they say in all good promotions - there is no obligation to buy.

I did not fully understand your question about RRT and post filtering and I am not suggesting that I am an authority on ACES, although I am enthusiastic about including it in my workflow as much as possible.

The plan is for one RRT which is imho a part of Look Management and therefore does not have to consider post filtering, compression and the differences between different distribution formats. If anything these changes  should be accommodated by having a different ODT for each display/distribution type. 

I use selective sharpening quite a lot as part of my grading/look management, but I agree with you that there needs to be a different amount of global sharpening, and in some cases grain, depending on the display version. Sometimes the budget does not allow for this to be properly considered, but usually some sharpening is possible in the film recorder and when possible I like to see test prints to ensure that the artistic intent reaches the cinema.

My advice is know what the primary display type is, get that right, and then, time and budget allowing, make the necessary alterations to other versions

Happy Christmas and as always
Happy Coloring

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On 22 Dec 2011, at 00:12, Jarek Migala wrote:

> hi all,
> first, just a question to Kevin, the lab you describe in your article was not using kodak_lad? Immage care? (for me there is too much advert, why you are writing about yourself as him?)
> there are lot of vendors of tools (spectroradiometers) to check what we see,  except we are different age, and our eyes can differ.

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