[Tig] RRT. Questions

Lou Levinson joe.beats at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 22 17:05:32 GMT 2011


The rrt is resolution independent. Any sharpening, ect that is done prior to the rrt will
Always be the same in the archived data. This means that however you displayed your
picture while making adjustments should show the same results. If, for example you
Set sharpening on a dlp in p3/ d60 space at 20' across, and then look at the pictures in
709/d65 space at 30 fl on a dolby there would be no guarantee the sharpening would look the same.
If you need differing sharpnesses for differing display targets (rdt/odt combo) you might have to
Find a way to do it to the aces archive files rather than burn it into them


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