[Tig] Youtube for dailies

R. Adam Berk blumediaprojekt at nerdshack.com
Thu Feb 3 06:00:26 GMT 2011

I think a lot of us are probably using wiredrive at this point? Or no?  It has worked beautifully for us, although it is quite expensive.  The clients know it, and are comfortable using it.

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I don't work for or stand to gain anything from IOWA / Wiredrive other than the service I pay for.

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> I've used Vimeo for this purpose as recently as last month...and it was 
> the clients idea. Its fine for getting approval on cuts and producer's 
> notes. I wouldn't use it for color correction notes but to view "the 
> cut" I see nothing wrong with it.
> It's good enough for demo reels... so why not?
> george
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