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Dwayne's comments parallel my experience, it's hopeless to try to clean those rollers. Furthermore, it's futile to try and find anything else that will work at all. 

A couple years ago I lucked out and someone a woman at BEI sent me a bunch of the rollers. Unfortunately I did not make note of who it was. I have since refurbished at least 3, maybe all 4 of the trackballs in our 2k plus, and I still have 20 more rollers on hand. If you come up empty handed with BEI, email me and I will send you a couple.

First off, at least in my 2k+ panels, it's way too difficult to remove the whole trackball assembly, since it requires nearly complete disassembly of the panel. Better to take apart the bad one in-place. You will have to peel off the label, and remove the two captive allen screws holding the electronic part to the ball cradle. The assembly then splits in two, releasing the billiard ball.

When replacing these rollers you need to carefully pry loose the epoxied bronze bearing at the disk end of the shaft, and lift it out of the photo-intrerrupter. You can get away with leaving the other end bearing in place, but don't lose the little nylon spacer washers at either end. Then carefully push off the retainer clip that holds the roller   in place, swap rollers, then push the clip back on. I drilled a hole in my bench the size of the shaft, to make it easier to support the shaft/disk assembly, and reduce the danger of bending the tiny bearing part of the shaft when replacing the clip.

Also I have found out the hard way that you really need to take great care not to get any glue into the bearings. ANY residue in there will impede the free turning of the shaft. A little fresh jeweler's watch oil would probably be a good idea. Be very careful re-securing the bronze bearings into their notches. I've found that it is best not to remove the old epoxy- just snap the bearing in place and put a very tiny drop of krazy glue (cyanoacrylate) around the edges of the epoxy, and let capillary action suck it in.

Also it's a bit tricky to get the ball bearing seat ring to stay in place when reassembling the trackball. Have patience, eventually you will get it.

Hope this helps.

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> Subject: [Tig] DaVinci 888 Trackball Encoder Foam Wheels?
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> Does anyone have a source for the little foam tires on the encoder shafts of
> the 888 DaVinci trackball assemblies?
> A picture of what I am looking for is here:
> http://picasaweb.google.com/cinepost/Equipment#5569080068953289538
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> Hi Dan,
> While there may well be schmootz on the rollers, several years of experience
> with these has shown that if you try to clean off the rollers, they usually
> start to fall apart. At any rate, a cleaning attempt USUALLY results in
> worse operation than before you started. So by all means, if the trackball
> is totally useless, you can make a cleaning attempt, as you have nothing to
> lose. But if the trackball is sort of working, you will likely make it
> worse. 
> Below is my original response to Janet's response, which didn't go through
> due to technical issues at my end:
> You might find that the 800 number Janet listed is no longer in service. You
> can contact the US Blackmagic Design DaVinci support office at 818-902-0488.
> Other support numbers are on the Blackmagic Design web site, in the DaVinci
> section under the Support tab. 
> However, we have no foam rollers. We do have complete trackball assemblies
> for $500, plus tax and shipping. 
> You can also contact the vendor directly with the info below. You can
> certainly ask them about getting the foam rollers, but most people have been
> told by BEI that they do not sell the rollers, just a complete trackball
> assembly. 
> Note that the info below is correct for all legacy DaVinci control panels
> that use this type of trackball, including the oldest Serial Joyball panels.
> However, on the Serial Joyball panel, the BLACK trackball is modified by
> having the connection ribbon soldered directly to the trackball assembly,
> due to space issues, so the BLACK trackball is not as easily replaced.
> Anyone with questions about this, or any other DaVinci related issues can
> contact us by email at: davincihelp at blackmagic-design.com or by phone at the
> number above. 
> BEI Industrial Encoder Division
> Model: TBS225-500-AB-D15
> Part #: 924-01088-005
> Cust #: 100013
> VDC In: 5
> BEI Technologies, Inc
> 7230 Hollister Ave.
> Goleta, CA. 93117-2891
> 1-800-ENCODER
> www.beiied.com
> Regards,
> Dwaine Maggart
> DaVinci Product Support Specialist - Blackmagic Design
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