[Tig] need 18% gray paint

Mitch Jacobson mitch at cat5tv.com
Thu Feb 3 18:33:52 GMT 2011

I found this on the creative cow...perhaps it is an alternative:


Blog: Sherwin Williams 18% Grey Paint for Color Suites
by walter biscardi on Sep 2, 2010 at 5:55:57 am

In response to the emails I've been getting over the past few weeks, I
went back and dug out that Sherwin Williams paint recommendation
again. It was suggested to some folks we work with as an alternative
to GTI Munsell N 8. This is most likely the color I'll be using in all
our new suites along the wall with the monitors as it's a significant
cost savings and we'll be painting this in 9 suites along the front
walls. Here's the email recommendation again:

SW 7071 is the paint: I have found out that Sherwin Williams has two
matte bases. For anyone that wants to go this route, the one to get is
Duration Home, Extra White Matte Base, 6403-63925. The BAC code should
BAC Colorant 02 32 64 128
B1-Black - 20 1 -
Y3-Deep Gold - 5 – 1

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