[Tig] daVinci Power Supply

George Zerial George.Zerial at nfsa.gov.au
Thu Feb 3 20:47:30 GMT 2011

I've had my power supply repaired by an Australian company when our 888 
supply died.
Initially I tried to repair it myself through common sense as i dont have 
schematics, however it got to a point where it needed to go to SMPS 

I have absolutely no affiliation with this company other than being able 
to endorse their excellent service ...

Switch Mode Power Supplies
1/37 Leighton Place
Hornsby   NSW   Australia   2077
+61 2 9476 0300
service at switchmode.com.au

George Zerial
Video/Telecine Engineer
National Film & Sound Archive


Ricardo Acosta <rjacostab at yahoo.com> 
Sent by: tig-bounces at colorist.org
04/02/2011 07:29 AM

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[Tig] daVinci Power Supply

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I'm looking for a daVinci Renaissance 888 DUI Mainframe Power Supply. I 
need to buy one in good conditions or someone to repair my original one. 
It is a Power-One brand, model SPM3A2M6. Schematics would be useful in 
case I find an Engineer to fix it in house. Please contact me off list at 
rjacostab at yahoo.com.
Thank you: 

Ricardo J. Acosta.
Sr. Colorist


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