[Tig] Working with LOG

Rory Hinds rory at minefilms.com
Wed Feb 9 01:11:32 GMT 2011

I'm still trying to get my head around working with LOG files and am hoping you can clear up some of my logic or lack there of.

My biggest head bender is that when you work with LOG you have to do a LOGtoLIN conversion to view the file on a LCD or Projector as the only medium that works in LOG is film.

So the issue I have is how do you make sure you are seeing the correct image on your LCD or Projector if you have to do the LOGtoLIN then do the Colour Corrections to the file in LIN but you are outputting in LOG so will have to do a LINtoLOG conversion at the end of the process?

The issue I have is that I will not be working on the WYSIWYG file as there is the LOGtoLIN conversion and then the LINtoLOG back conversion. How do I know that that conversion is correct and what I have been grading to say make the colours just as I want them, when I can't see the file I'm working on.

Its seems there is trust involved and I guess I'm so used to being able to see the end result so see any problems but with working with LOG you can't see it and need to trust the conversions and that once printed onto Film it will look just as it did on your LIN monitor (LCD or Projector).

I have a film being shot on RED and I'd really like to work with it in REDcolor2 for the Color Space adn the REDlogfilm for the Gamma Space but am so scared with the whole LOGtoLIN conversion that I don't want to get to the end of doing all the grading and find out that I don't get what I see on my system.

I'm sure as this is new to me that is why its bending my mind but please could someone tell me how it is.

Thanks in advance and I apologies for this basic question I have, as they say, its always easy when you know how.

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