[Tig] Baselight: scene dissolve q

Rob Lingelbach rling at dolby.com
Sat Feb 12 06:10:27 GMT 2011

In Baselight, stereo configuration, I have a situation where I need to take one clip (normally called a scene, but Baselight has redefined that term to apply to an entire project), and delete a certain element in the middle of it (duration of clip: long) to 'jump dissolve' from point A to point B within that clip.   In fact the camera moves between A and B to the extent that it doesn't present as a discontinuity (pan right to left; I need to delete a column that appears in the middle of the shot, by means of this dissolve.

Stack management: I can and have succeeded in doing this as a cut.  What is the generally accepted procedure for doing this as a dissolve, keeping in mind that I will 1) adjust the ins and outs; and 2) need to apply the exact same parameters to the other eye (remember it's stereo)?

many thanks in advance.
Hardware is baselight One,  for the moment.


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