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Tim Bolt timb at bigbangpost.com
Thu Feb 17 11:40:17 GMT 2011

At the BVE show in London Sony are showing an OLED version of their 
BVM-L231 side by side with the LCD version. (24inch)
It looked very "crisp" and "shiny"
Impossible to gauge it without seeing it in a proper environment but it 
looked great compared to the  LCD equivalent.
Available May ish, costs "a bit more than the LCD version".
Check it out at NAB?

On 17/02/2011 04:32, dan wrote:
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> Digital Vision is patron of the TIG.
> Colorist Directory at http://tig.colorist.org/wiki/Category:Colorist
> ====
> Currently evaluating a number of broadcast monitors.
> It's my understanding that the Barco 2301P Monitor is generally 
> considered the best available broadcast LCD. It's been a while since I 
> demoed it, but it was very impressive. Good blacks, onboard 
> calibration etc. However it is a little old now.
> In the lower price range I have heard good things about the Flanders 
> Scientific FSI- LM-2460W, and to a lesser extent the TV-Logic XVM-245W
> Anyone have any experience with the new Sony BVM-L231?
> Any input would be appreciated
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