[Tig] Broadcast monitors

simon astbury simonastbury at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 18 10:03:16 GMT 2011

> At the BVE show in London Sony are showing an OLED version of their 
> BVM-L231 side by side with the LCD version. (24inch)
> It looked very "crisp" and "shiny"
> Impossible to gauge it without seeing it in a proper environment but it 
> looked great compared to the  LCD equivalent.
> Available May ish, costs "a bit more than the LCD version".
> Check it out at NAB?

I didn't get to see the Sony, but I did see the Dolby 42", really liked it but at £35k even a large and deep pocketed facility would have a hard time justifying it. 		 	   		  

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