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Steve Hathaway steve at oxygendct.com
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Rob, based upon numbers shipped you might find that the Penta PD24W-3G (24"
monitor) would be considered the best out there, certainly from a European
perspective. The model has recently been complimented by the PDP-24W-3G
which has a 10 bit LCD panel, 16 bit input signal processing, 16 bit
internal processing and REC709 colorimetry, giving very good pictures.

Our 'caveat' is that whilst we resell Penta monitors we also resell other
brands and provide the above information on an impartial basis.

Kind regards 

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On Feb 16, 2011, at 8:32 PM, dan wrote: 

> Currently evaluating a number of broadcast monitors. 

> It's my understanding that the Barco 2301P Monitor is generally 
> considered the best available broadcast LCD. It's been a while since I 
> demoed it, but it was very impressive. Good blacks, onboard 
> calibration etc. However it is a little old now. 

Hi Dan, have you seen the Dolby PRM-4200?  

Claimer: I've been working with it for a year. 
It is not generally considered a broadcast LCD, though this is one of its
various modes. 

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