[Tig] New Sony OLED Monitors

Bob Kertesz bob at bluescreen.com
Sat Feb 19 02:25:58 GMT 2011

>Sony announces 17-inch and 25-inch Trimaster EL professional OLED
>They're calling them "BVM", but do they deserve the name?  Has anyone
>seen them yet?  My guess is we'll all get a good look at NAB.

I have the 7" model 740 here, and it's BY FAR the best looking small monitor
I've ever seen. Easily matches the colorimetry and range of a 24" BVM, which I
know because I ran it on top of one for a few days.

Superb blacks, details in the lowlights, excellent REC709 colors, decent
tweaks, just terrific. And I hardly ever say that about anything.

Looking forward to seeing the larger ones at NAB.


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