Bill Hogan billhogan1 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 22 00:36:02 GMT 2011

To all Hollywood SMPTE Members & GUESTS:

EVERYONE is WELCOME...... on Tuesday, February 22, at 6:30 pm for the HSMPTE
Section meeting. The meeting will be held at:

Technicolor Interoperability Testing Center (ITC)
2345 N. Ontario St.
Burbank, CA 91505


Is 3D more complicated than 2D…Really?

Philip Corriveau will be joined by Paulette Pantoja Co-Chairs of
3D at HomeConsortium’s Human Factors Steering Team, will share some of
the important
issues being investigated.

Topics covered will include an overview from many universities, institutions
and organizations to gain insight to the many issues surrounding the 3D
experience today.

With much debate about 3D in the news today, industry consortiums are
placing a lot of emphasis on research that will contribute to the industry
standards efforts. From understanding how to make improvements in the 3D
eco-system, to the effects on the human visual system, this session will
describe some of the efforts being put forward by 3D at Home Consortium member
companies to bring an ever growing amount of data forward and produce useful
information which will help in the progression of the 3D entertainment

THX Ltd. will be sponsoring the reception that will start at 6:30 pm. The
presentation will commence at 7:30 pm. Our topic this evening is great and
of course topical! HSMPTE thanks Rick Dean from THX Ltd. for putting the
program together.

Parking for the event is at the Burbank Marriott, next to the ITC – there is
a gate between the Burbank Marriott lot and the ITC you’ll be able to use.
The entrance to the parking lot is on Thornton and there will be a charge
for parking that will be $8.00. At check in we will provide a ticket to hand
to the parking attendant upon exiting, so that you will get the reduced

There is also lots of street parking.

Please see the HSMPTE web site for a local map to the ITC – www.hsmpte.org

Regards, Bill Hogan

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