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Thank you, Rob.
It's really cool that everyone cares about helping out with qualified views on how to get the right solution.
This is very helpful and educating.

Best Regards


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Hi Egil,

there's a manfacturer in the U.S. who makes the product we use, and it ships with diffusion and ND filter.  I don't have the information with me right now but will get it for you tomorrow (Pacific Standard Time, about 10 AM).  It measures right at D65 and if placed directly behind the monitor, with a neutral gray surface not far behind it, serves.   I tried to find the lamp on the net and came up with this resource that doesn't include it, but has many others:


I have no connection with the supplier.

There are many products with spotlight-type lighting but I found the fluorescent fixture better for its spread of light.   It's not meant for a large suite, however, where Cold Cathode Lamps might work better.  In the 90s, at Editel LA, in the Color Correction Suite designed and built with no thought to expense, we had custom-manufactured custom-curved floor-dwelling lamps that dimmed.  Mike Orton, I, and others were involved in this design with a spectacular spacious ceiling going up 18 feet.    

This suite, along with the world's most deluxe editing room done in circular marble with matching light fixtures, was bulldozed a few years ago.   The other expansion telecine suites featured copper ceilings and environment designed by Gary Heathcote, AIA.

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