[Tig] D65 backlight behind monitor

Bob Currier rcurrier at synthetic-ap.com
Thu Feb 24 21:46:19 GMT 2011

Here's a source for D65 backlights via the home theater market:


I've also heard that tropical fish tank lights are a good starting
point. They sure make the neon tetras pretty, but I've never actually
measured one.

No connection, financial interest, etc.

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On Wed, Feb 23, 2011 9:02 PM, Rob Lingelbach <rob at colorist.org> wrote:

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>Hi Egil,
>there's a manfacturer in the U.S. who makes the product we use, and it
>ships with diffusion and ND filter.  I don't have the information with
>me right now but will get it for you tomorrow (Pacific Standard Time,
>about 10 AM).  It measures right at D65 and if placed directly behind
>the monitor, with a neutral gray surface not far behind it, serves.   I
>tried to find the lamp on the net and came up with this resource that
>doesn't include it, but has many others:
>I have no connection with the supplier.
>There are many products with spotlight-type lighting but I found the
>fluorescent fixture better for its spread of light.   It's not meant for
>a large suite, however, where Cold Cathode Lamps might work better.  In
>the 90s, at Editel LA, in the Color Correction Suite designed and built
>with no thought to expense, we had custom-manufactured custom-curved
>floor-dwelling lamps that dimmed.  Mike Orton, I, and others were
>involved in this design with a spectacular spacious ceiling going up 18
>This suite, along with the world's most deluxe editing room done in
>circular marble with matching light fixtures, was bulldozed a few years
>ago.   The other expansion telecine suites featured copper ceilings and
>environment designed by Gary Heathcote, AIA.
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