[Tig] Wizard of Oz looked like video...

Skip Elsheimer avgeeks at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 01:11:48 GMT 2011

Not only freckles but pimples! And bad munchkin makeup.

I'm not sure what was going on with this particular viewing - like
some radical upconvert/noise reduction/unsharp mask feature on the
flatscreen TV. Later I tried to show a film archivist on his
flatscreen and it looked like film again.. Also I saw the HD version
on TBS and it also had grain and looked like film.

It was unsettling to everybody in the room not just me.

A/V Geeks

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> Iremember a conversation I had with Lou Levinson probably early 2000’s or late1990’s.
> He had been involved in a Cintel HD transfer of The Wizard of Oz,probably at the time from an intermediate,
> His most exciting comment was thatuntil this transfer he had never noticed that Dorothy had freckles!
> We put this down to the resolution and theability to resolve so much subtle tone detail on the new generations oftelecines.
> Lou,care to comment.
> HappyNew Year
> Peter
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