[Tig] Wizard of Oz looked like video...

Lou Levinson joe.beats at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 5 04:52:29 GMT 2011

          i never comment on work that i haven't seen under controlled conditions, and          seldom then (unless i've been bribed by pizza to judge others' work, which has          happened twice that i can remember).
          the zardoz incident to which peter alludes occurred in late 1998, i think, and was          proof for me at the time of the value of true rgb scanning.                    if i was going to guess, i'd say that the inconsistency of viewing experience was          related to the inconsistency of the monitoring environs. borrowing from our friends          in the medical profession and their motto " first do no harm" it's always a good          exercise to prove to yourself that your monitoring isn't doing anything you don't          know about. having a device under scrutiny pass images and do nothing to them          is a great way to test things, and in fact the first stage of testing asc-cdl compliance          was to pass signals without doing anything to them
          given display manufacturers love of temporal grain filters and sharpening, ect i           wouldn't be at all surprised that wizard could wind up looking like all in the family.          some of our professional bretheren have been known to throttle up some of these          processes a notch too far, as well.
         one other thing i will say is that a well authored bluray disc, in an apples to apples         comparison, will match the source imagery to a ridiculously high degree of         precision.

         on another, non-related note, i'm curious to what spectrum of opinions this group         has about sampling, nyquist, and what really constitutes a "4k" scan??

          i love starting religious wars


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