[Tig] Wizard of Oz looked like video...

Alex Pimentel alex at casablancaonline.com.br
Wed Jan 5 14:34:11 GMT 2011

I saw a digital projection at IBC main theater a couple of years ago (maybe 3).
It was impressive for a movie with that age.
I enjoyed every bit of color, shadows and resolution present during the projection.
There was a bit of explanation about the restoration process in one of the previous sessions.
I am not sure wich projector was but in general terms that theater always have
latest Christie's and Barco's (remeber they are demoing for IBC....).
I like the big screen at IBC and I think it is one missing point at the NAB show.

Maybe for Netflix HD there is a need of huge noise reduction for bandwidth savings.
Also I have noticed that h.264 has a distinct compression behavior than MPEG2
turning images looks into more "video type thing".

All the best!

Alex Pimentel
Casablanca Online
Sao Paulo, Brazil

> Maybe this is a "restoration" done from the original 3-strip technicolor.  There are those here on the TIG who know more about Technicolor 

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