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> Hi, Rob,
> Thought I'd send this to you so you could decide whether to include the text of the SHOOT article linked to.
> Ted
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> Sometime in 2005, 6 or 7, I'd posted something  on the TIG about the RCA TP55 Multiplexer w/TK-29C I'd obtained, and was saying that the only thing it lacked was the ChromaComp module.
> That prompted an unexpected phone call and series of e-mails from Sam, whom I had not met until then.   
> Sam was recovering from major health problems, but had just been named Sales Manager of Globalstor Data's efilm, cinema and video divisions, after a stint with Digital Inertia.  He was looking forward to resuming an active role in the post-production industry.
> He was quite informative about his involvement with adapting the ChromaComp, and other aspects of Action Video and the technology of the time.
> Wish I'd have had a phone patch, recorder rolling and his permission to record, as the conversation would make a fascinating listen and historical reference.
> The e-mail references in an e-mail database made it through a transfer from one Mac to another, but the message content did not, although I may be able to recover it from backups.
> A story about his health issues and how the industry responded is chronicled in this "Shoot" magazine article from 2005:
> SHOOT e.dition, August 5, 2005, Vol 46, No 26e
> http://www.shootonline.com/go/e.dition.php?year=2005&month=august&day=05&type=_lite
> Leading members of the postproduction industry have
> issued a call for help, rallying to
> the aid of Sam Holtz, who suffered a heart
> attack earlier this year around the time of
> the National Association of Broadcasters
> (NAB) confab.
> A mainstay figure
> in postproduction
> engineering
> and technology, Holtz is
> currently recuperating
> at home and undergoing physical
> therapy to regain his ability to walk—
> which may take several
> more months. His family has been
> financially devastated by the cost of his
> ordeal and ongoing convalescence.
> A recent letter sent out to the
> industry at large informed people of
> Holtz’s plight. The letter was signed by
> Chris Homer, president of the Society
> of Television Engineers (STE), Moshe
> Barkat, president of Modern Videofilm,
> Leon Silverman of the Hollywood Post
> Alliance (HPA) and president of Laser
> Pacific, and Gavin Schutz, executive
> VP/chief technology officer of Ascent
> Media.
> The letter cited Holtz’s contributions
> to the industry over the years, including
> his service to major trade organizations
> that benefit the technical and business
> aspects of the motion picture/TV
> landscape. Among these groups are the
> STE, the HPA, the Society of Television
> & Motion Picture Engineers, the Audio
> Engineering Society, the Alliance of
> Motion Picture & Television Producers,
> the Academy of Television Arts and
> Sciences, and the former International
> Teleproduction Society.
> Holtz was also credited with being
> instrumental in helping to eliminate
> the California sales tax previously paid
> by producers for production and post
> services. That lobbying effort took place
> in 1988. Then in ’92, Holtz played a
> key role in the significant reduction of
> property taxes paid by production and
> post facilities within Los Angeles County.
> And in ’00, Holtz took the lead in the
> industry push to gain a five-percent tax
> credit for facilities relative to equipment
> purchased in the transition from analog
> to digital.
> I can attest to Holtz’s commitment
> to the betterment of the overall industry.
> I first met him years ago when he was
> at the former Editel/Los Angeles, before
> he moved on to partner in now defunct
> Action Video, Hollywood. 
> But he usually called me not to promote the companies
> he was with, but rather to generate
> coverage for issues that the various trade
> organizations he was involved in were
> looking to address.
> The industry letter from Messrs.
> Homer, Barkat, Silverman and Schutz
> noted that the tax savings—which
> Holtz helped to attain—on one HD
> VTR amount to about $5,000. “If
> every company were to contribute this
> amount, we could achieve our goal
> of $100,000,” read the letter, which
> urges contributions be made as a gift
> honorarium, a well-deserved thank
> you to Holtz “for what he has done for
> our industry.”
> Individual donations up to
> $11,000—while not tax deductible by
> the donor—do not cause a taxable event
> for Holtz and his family, according to the
> letter. Contributions can be sent to: Sam
> Holtz, c/o Modern Videofilm, 4411 W.
> Olive Ave., Burbank, CA 91505. Checks
> should be made payable to Sam Holtz.
> That was 2005.
> Might an engineering internship be supported in his name?
> Ted
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