[Tig] Wizard of Oz looked like video...

Richard Kirk richard at filmlight.ltd.uk
Wed Jan 5 22:17:39 GMT 2011

> From: Alex Pimentel <alex at casablancaonline.com.br>
> I saw a digital projection at IBC main theater a couple of years ago  
> (maybe 3).
> It was impressive for a movie with that age.

I saw that too. I thought it was film, though there was to be a  
digital release too. As far as I can remember, they scanned the  
original three separation matrix, aligned the elements, and then  
printed the image onto conventional internegative stock. The  
Technicolor process always had trouble aligning the separations, and  
this printed them in perfect register. Unfortunately, this meant that  
you could see the seams in the Munchkin village set, and the Emerald  
City in the distance looked like a backdrop. Parts of it looked more  
like 'The Banana Splits'. Be careful what you wish for...

They made a choice to do as little as possible to the image. They did  
a presentation on how the film was recreated; they said they corrected  
the registration errors, and tried to get as close to the Technicolor  
gamut as current print stocks allow, but they tried not to touch the  
images themselves other than to correct obvious faults. There was lots  
of heart-searching as to whether it was 'right' to edit out the flying  
monkey strings, and other faults that came into focus when the  
separations were aligned. It would be interesting to go to the other  
extreme and make a high-gamut 4k digital version using all the modern  
touch-up techniques to get the film as we might imagine the original  
artists would have wanted.

Richard Kirk

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