[Tig] good examples

Owen Williams owen at ywwg.com
Thu Jan 6 16:29:51 GMT 2011

As a trained-on-digital colorist, I'm often a little thrown off by the
various discussions on this list about fleshtones and how they look when
recorded by different types of capture systems.  I see a lot of
adjectives like "plasticy," or "pasty," which sound like descriptions of
texture, not color.  (Maybe that's the point?)  

Since I'm trying to improve myself and have been working with better
material, I was wondering if there are discs that the TIG would consider
Reference-Quality blurays or DVDs -- examples I could look at that would
represent the best work being done.  As well, what should I be looking
at specifically?  If someone really wants to go all-out, screenshots or
rough timecodes would be awesome.

So often we get threads about crappy examples, so maybe a few instances
of great work would be appreciated too.

Owen Williams
Co-Founder / Colorist
Locomotive, LLC

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