[Tig] correction platform comparisons

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Fri Jan 7 02:49:31 GMT 2011

It's the doldrums between IBC and NAB, and I have a question regarding the development and use of two particular platforms: Autodesk Lustre and FilmLight Baselight.   How do they compare in ease of use and feature sets?

I know it's a loaded question.

I have a little experience on Lustre, and some on Baselight.  I have a lot of experience on DaVinci (loaded 2k+), and experience on IRIDAS SpeedGrade DI.  I have no experience on Nucoda FimMaster but from word of mouth rank it highly among all of them.  SpeedGrade is surprisingly agile, and has some other very strong points, and I very much enjoy using it.  Baselight seems to be either peaking in popularity or still on the rise, in L.A.  DaVinci 2k+ and Resolve are tried and true platforms.  

Lest we get into a vendor/manufacturer battle here, I'd like to know from users familiar, as I am somewhat, with all these grading systems.   And woe betide me for leaving a system out (I'm sure I have).   

Marketing in the strict sense is strongly discouraged on the TIG so I'm looking at user opinions, from colorists who are not compensated for their predilections. 

thanks in advance
Rob   TIG admin
Rob Lingelbach
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