[Tig] Dropframe and (Sundance deliverables)

Joe Owens jpo at prestodigital.ca
Tue Jan 11 07:32:27 GMT 2011

Someone confused by the "24 frame" consumer formats like the HDV and  
DVCProHD offerings.
Drop frame is also clearly misunderstood by the general community  
(seems like) to be "accurate" and runs like a normal clock.  Well,  
accurate once an hour, like that "stopped clock" is right twice a  
day.  Drop frame has a sort of "serrated" accuracy, since a frame  
interval is still exactly the same as 29.97 Non-drop, and as is  
fundamentally understood by a few --  the "accuracy" is made up by  
skipping 2 frames forward at intervals determined by an obscure  
algorithm involving minutes and 10s. And that is "accurate" in whose  
dictionary?  Further,the reason why "2 frames" is probably understood  
by fewer and fewer individuals every day.  It was even worse  
explaining why we wanted to use Non-drop when transferring "A"  
dominant dailies, and some doofus wanted the time code to be  
"accurate"....  Well, nothing more dangerous than "a little bit of  

On 10-Jan-11, at 11:06 PM, Terry Lockhart wrote:

> Drop-frame:  an easy living concept for producers and master- 
> control operators. Hell for everyone else.

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