[Tig] 23.98 with 29.97 timecode?

Bob Kertesz bob at bluescreen.com
Wed Jan 12 20:01:52 GMT 2011

>The specification for sundance deliverables calls for 23.98 HDCAM SR
>with 29.97 df timecode.
>How is this possible? Surely 23.98 must have 24 frame df/ndf timecode?

One would have to go out of one's way in a serious fashion to deliver SR at
23.98 with 29.97 DF code. Makes no sense at all.

Perhaps they were referring to the possibility of supplying a separate audio
tape or something, although even that makes little sense, especially as SR
audio quality is very good indeed.

As an aside, 24p only supports NDF time code. DF does not exist at that frame
rate, based on, I believe, SMPTE specs. I don't know of any camcorder or deck
that offers DF at 24p.


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