[Tig] Finish Post-Boston Colorist Rob Bessette featured in Digital Content Producer

Ted Langdell ted at tedlangdell.com
Fri Jan 14 23:37:54 GMT 2011

Click here for the article:  http://digitalcontentproducer.com/desktoppost/depth/finishpost_011311/

Rob's reel is here: http://www.finishedit.com/rob.htm

Had a chance to visit Finish's CE/IT Manager Terry Lockhart one rainy  
day last spring to demo our flashscanHD.  The facility is in a multi- 
story brick building that's old by Boston's standards.  Very nicely  
done and cared for, and the facility shows the same polish.

The house has an Ursa Diamond for NTSC or PAL transfers, an ArriScan  
6K for 35 (16 gate on request.) with color correction on a daVinci 2K+  
in tape to tape, telecine and non-linear modes.

Terry's machine room still has 1" Type C, (or it did last Feb.) in  
case someone needs to do some archival transfers.

No financial connection... but enjoyed the visit with Terry.


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