[Tig] Found this on the interweb - motion kills sense of color

Multimediac mr_ree_mann at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 19 16:52:53 GMT 2011

Its an interesting illusion, but I think the conclusions he draws are incorrect. When the ring is set into motion, we don't lose our sense of color, or shape, or luminance. Those things aren't "silenced." A red fire truck in motion is still red.

The observer is asked to focus on the center white dot and use only peripheral vision to observe the colored dots. The change in color and position is observed in relation to the other dots. When the ring is static, the change in color appears more rapid because the change is compounded by the summing of all the dots changing simultaneously on a static background.

When the dots move as a unit when the ring rotates, the hierarchy of information changes and we are more aware of the larger rings movement as a whole than the individual dots changing. The dots changing is more noticeable when it is on a static background because our mind only has one change to follow.



I thought this was germane to the group. It's basically just an optical illusion though, showing that motion "silences" our sense of a number of things including color and shape changes.



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