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Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Fri Jan 21 06:42:40 GMT 2011

JANUARY 22 2011
1250 Harvard Rd 
Burbank , CA 91501 

(818) 843-5013

11 am


Lunch to Follow

Many of you already know that STE member Sam Holtz, long-time Los Angeles area post production executive and engineer, passed away on Dec. 22.   No services were held at that time.

Sam became a member of STE in March of 1977 and was STE President in 1982

This SATURDAY, January 22 a MEMORIAL SERVICE will be held to remember Sam and his many years in the industry and all his contributions for the greater good of the post production community.

This gathering will be held at the Castaway Restaurant LAGOON ROOM in Burbank and will start at 11 am with the memorial scheduled for NOON. Refreshments will be provided and a cash bar will be available. After the memorial service the Castaway's weekend brunch will be available to those that would like to enjoy an all you can eat extravaganza. This will cost $35 including tax and gratuity. Plan to stay and enjoy brunch with your friends and colleagues.

Please pass this along to all those that worked with Sam at EDITEL or ACTION VIDEO as this is also a mini reunion of these facilities.  All Sam's industry colleagues and friends are especially welcome. Please bring any remembrances or pictures that you would like to share.

If you plan to attend please use the RSVP link below and also indicate if you plan to stay for lunch.

RSVP HERE if you plan to attend and if you will stay for LUNCH:     http://tinyurl.com/6ka6grr   

A REMEMBRANCE by Leon Silverman:

As we begin the New Year, it is our natural inclination to look ahead. But before we do, I would like to take an opportunity to look back. Back to the days when our post production industry was run by a handful of entrepreneurs who helped to create modern, electronic (and then digital) post production because they were excited about creativity, the tools and the promise of the future. These were the types who built companies that felt like teams and families. These were the places where the post production industry as we know it today was born. 
 While we were celebrating the holidays this past week, our post production industry lost one of those giants who truly made our post production industry a noble, exciting and a collegiate place to work. On December 22, Sam Holtz passed away. For those of you who did not know Sam, he was a partner in a company called Action Video. It was the premier commercial and music video post house back in the early 80's where he and his partner Joe Benadon helped to create much of what we all take for granted today. But what truly made Sam a giant, though I am not sure he even stood 5'4", was the fact that throughout his career and his life, he shared so much of his knowledge, secrets and ideas with not only his team and his customers, but with his competitors as well.
 Sam was active in industry trade groups such as the Videotape Facility Association, which later evolved into the ITS, which later evolved into the Hollywood Post Alliance. He was active in a way that you might even call hyperactive. If there was something that was hard and needed to be done, if there was something that was controversial and called for a stand, if there was something that was challenging and needed a champion, if money was needed to fund an effort that would help everyone, Sam did not need to be asked, because he had already spoken up, spoken out, given from his own pocket and volunteered. He helped to spearhead efforts such as helping the city assessor better understand the value of post production equipment and lower the assessed city taxes associated with it. He helped to eliminate sales tax on most post production services. He helped to lead efforts at the state level that resulted in the elimination of state sales tax on the purchase of post production equipment. He worked hard to help others benefit, even when he was no longer directly involved in the post production business. 
 Sam spent the last number of years in poor health and in trying circumstances. His passing reminds us of the fact that our post production industry itself is in the midst of tremendous challenge and change. As we look forward into this new year, it is important to continue to look back to understand how and who helped to get us here. Sam Holtz never received the recognition that he deserved in his life. In his passing, let us celebrate the life of a giant and remember to keep his name and the example of his life of service and sharing. Thank you Sam. May you rest in peace. 

Leon Silverman
Hollywood Post Alliance
Society of Television Engineers

Rob Lingelbach
rob at colorist.org     http://rob.colorist.org

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