[Tig] need 18% gray paint

alexander black enigma at turingstudio.com
Fri Jan 28 00:20:27 GMT 2011

> White walls, depending on lighting, could negatively affect your grading decisions and is not to SMPTE RP166 spec:
> "The light falling on the unlit monitor screen face should be uniform and as low as possible."
> "Surface reflectances should be nonspecular and should not exceed 10% of the peak luminance value of the monitor white. Surfaces which may be visible in the monitor screens, due to the mirror effect, should have a nonspecular surface reflectance of less than 15%."


A black bat cave with one grey wall, preferably variegated to allow for refocusing (fabric)

Three pools of light: a lower color temp client area because D65 makes people crazy, a D65 low brightness operator area, a D65 fluorescent surface light for the fabric/wall.



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