[Tig] need 18% gray paint

Mikko Kuutti mikko.kuutti at kava.fi
Sat Jan 29 07:06:03 GMT 2011

Actually, carbon black for some reason seems to give bluish tint greys. At least as far as architects in building conservation are and were concerned. I used to.

This blue tint tendency is used to make nicely contrasting shades of grey for window frames etc. in buildings painted ochre yellow.

Also, carbon black is a real bastard to mix with anything because it is such a fine powder. Incomplete mixing will yield black streaks on your wall when you brush it on. 

But mixing pigments is a lot fun!

Mikko Kuutti
National Audiovisual Archive

On 28.1.2011, at 17.43, peter_swinson at compuserve.com wrote:.
> I guess,though stand to be corrected, that if you used carbon black powder mixed withTitanium dioxide white powder, in the correct ratio for 18% reflectance thenyou would not have any spiky wavelengths to worry about
> Cheers
> Peter

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