[Tig] Noise Reduction: where in pipeline?

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Mystery over. For once I have been told to go ahead and open my big mouth. Thanks Peter. 
I am beta testing the new 8.0 daVinci Resolve and it's NR is working beautifully. 
It can be used in many different ways, and different points in the pipeline. As an overall, with a track node either pre-color or overall at the end of the project. It is clip node based for scene to scene, or in or out of windows, HSL qualifiable. That is quite useful when pushing a vector, like for a sky and to be able to apply the NR selectively for that vector. It works really well in or out of keys. This is extremely useful for the pesky, noisy DSLR blacks. Of course it's resolution idependant, and all in real time. I am finding it to be one of the most versatile new applications I have seen. And yet it's one of many with 8.0 
I am running 8.0 on both my Linux and my MAC, and it has been flawless. 

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On Jun 8, 2011, at 5:21 PM, Tyler Hawes wrote: 

> I prefer to add the grain reduction to the ungraded plates for a number of 
> reasons: 

Thanks to Tyler, Rogério, Alexis, and Patrick for their responses. 


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