[Tig] Quicktime 7, Quicktime X and VLC : Any Solutions?

Joseph Slomka jslomka at imageworks.com
Thu Jun 16 19:02:45 BST 2011

Hello all,

This is a general question to the thread QuickTime 7, QuickTime X and VLC. The take away I got from that thread was that QuickTime is  inconsistently encoded and displayed. This is something I have found from personal experience some time ago at Imageworks, it appears to be encoder and codec based. 

My question is what do you do to get around color issues inherent in QuickTime deliveries?

For my solution  I have created a new color conversion for every codec that is used. We work to limit the number of codecs  and standardize hardware as much as the client allows. The tradeoff between color consistency and playback speed is a constant tug of war. Some codec match the source material very closely without a special color conversion, such as the Avid DNxHD codec, but simply don't play back at full resolution without dropping frames. Other codec playback at full speed but need contrast and hue correction, such as photo jpeg.


Joseph Slomka
Color Scientist
Sony Pictures Imageworks

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