[Tig] Apple color questions

Craig Leffel craig at optimus.com
Tue Jun 21 16:07:39 BST 2011

Hey Joey -

While I don't doubt you'll get a really knowledgeable answer here on the 

Here's a list of people just talking about Color -  
ColorList at yahoogroups.com

Try there. Lots of good people, helpful explanations.

Craig Leffel

On 6/21/11 9:51 AM, Joey D'Anna wrote:
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> ====
> Unfortunately, since I don't have unlimited access to a Pablo anymore, I've
> started to learn apple color.
> Does anybody know if theres a way to get realtime playback with audio?
> Everytime i hit play, even on fully rendered clips on a high speed raid, its
> choppy.
> And I dont see anywhere in here for audio.
> Or am I just stuck sending everything back to FCP every time my client want
> to watch, or I want to see a grade in context?
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