[Tig] Quadra/Pogle Telecine Installation for Sale

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Sun Jun 26 06:44:30 BST 2011

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BTS Quadra Telecine Installation
The equipment available:
BTS/Philips Quadra Telecine Machine, Serial No/: 0101
4x Optical Gates (16mm, S16mm 35mm and S35mm)
Monitor Bridge with Monochrome reference monitor and Tektronix 1735 WFM.
Pogle Andix/DCP V43.
Pogle Work Station
2x SGI VGA Monitor
Pogle DCP
Pogle Quadra Telecine Interface
Pogle Scene change detector
Pogle "Tracy Island" chassis and Control panels
Pogle Software disks
Aaton Keylink Workstation & keycode reader
BTS/Philips MN-11 Digital Noise reducer
Dolby dual module rack containing 2x Dolby S/R units
AJA SDI Embedder/De-embedder
Networks SDI Switch
19" Rack
Technical manuals & BTS Extender

The Quadra
The equipment is in very good condition for its age.
Local control panel supports transport controls only, no sizing or colourimetry controls.
The machine has been well maintained and has ccd blocks replaced. (2004)
The machine provides for good clean pictures with no strange artefacts apparent on the picture monitor.
Checked for noise, positional hum, stability and resolution which all seemed to be fine.
The com opt and com mag audio and optical pickups are available but are not used.
All rear and side panels are still with the machine and in good condition.
Some spare parts (lamps etc) are to be included, along with technical manuals.

The Pogle/DCP
DCP Operation overall OK, 1A and 2B secondary 6 vector colours all seen selected and working.

The Pogle work station
All Pogle controls are working. (Therefore interface OK).
Sizing, Pan and scans, x-y zoom, Aspect Ratio in 4:3/16:9 and H and V variable all OK.
There are no scan issues noted.
Standard Varispeed all OK even including 50FPS!!!!
Aperture H&V correction all observed OK.
Primary RGB Gamma, Black white level control all OK.
Transport control all OK
VTR control all OK (Tested with DVW-A500P) in record and playback.
New RAM Modules and LED Display. (2010)
There is no compressor for gate blast.
The basic functions of the MN-11 are seen to be working via control from the Pogle.
Installation can be seen working in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Asking price € 25.000.
Please contact: wim (at) filmmore.nl

Rob Lingelbach   Senior Colorist, Dolby Laboratories
rob at colorist.org http://rob.colorist.org

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